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Phil Hibbs snarks at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 18:48:34 EST 2011

>Personally, I'd call "RuneQuest" whatever game is based around the theme
>of questing for runes *and* as a clear derivative of the historical, 1978,
>So BRP includes the second part but not the first. RuneQuest Slayers
>includes the first but not the second.

RuneQuest Slayers? That never actually got published, did it? I never saw a
copy anyway. And questing for runes? I don't remember any of that from
Chaosium RQ2 or AH RQ3. Mongoose first edition RQ had runes playing a more
prominent role in the magic system, but I didn't really like the idea, runes
shouldn't be things you find lying around and stuff in your back pocket.

Phil Hibbs.
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