[Runequest] More RQ III (AH) Sorcery Questions

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Fri Jul 29 02:58:37 EST 2011

Just looked up the magic rules in Elric!

I was mistaken about the number of actively remembered spells.

It is equal to INT for humans ... x2 INT for Melnibonians and some other supernatural races.

I think I might have been remembering the Stormbringer 5th edition .. which I think cut it in half to lower the power level a bit.

And researching spells takes quite awhile .. a minimum of 1 week .. GM rolls 1d10 number of weeks .. after that time has passed in research/study, the player makes an INT x 1 % roll ... to see if he figured it out .. on success, the spell is added to the players Grimoire .. on failure .. the process starts over ..

This for a Grimoire found written in languages you are fluent in .. 

A larger occult library may alter the odds from INT x 1 % .. to INT x 2 % or even INT x 3 % for a massive occult library.

Effective sorcerers must have high POW, hight INT, fluent in many languages, skilled in "Million Spheres Lore" .. in my game it's just an "Occult Lore".
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