[Runequest] More RQ III (AH) Sorcery Questions

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Thu Jul 28 12:17:13 EST 2011

Greetings All,
   Thank you all very much for your helpful responses to my previous
questions.  Having reflected on these answers, I have some follow-up

   Assuming that I wished to "fix" rather than replace the RQ III sorcery
rules, do you have any thoughts on how the following house rules would
work out?

1.  To limit crap-shots with low skill, high-power spell casting, limit
magic points per spell to the tens digit of the skill for the spell in
question.  For example, a character with 37% skill in Impotence could only
spend up to 3 magic points on casting it.  (I stole the idea for this
limit from OpenQuest.)

2.  To take advantage of house rule #1, tidy things up a little, and allow
sorcerers to focus on specific spells, eliminate the manipulation (range,
duration, intensity) skills.  If your character has 85% in Erectile
Enhancement, then he or she can freely spend up to 8 magic points on
range, duration, and/or intensity.

3.  Eliminate Free Intelligence.  An INT-based limit on manipulation seems
unnecessary after house rule #1.  In that case, would it be best to limit
the number of memorized spells to half of INT?

   I know I'm already trying to impose on my fellow RQ'ers quite a bit
already, but I have yet another question.
   Assuming that I wished to replace the RQ III sorcery rules with
something else, do you have any thoughts on importing Stormbringer or
Elric! sorcery rules?
   Which edition would import most easily?  Which is least imbalancing? 
Which is coolest?  Which is the most creepy?   :-)

   Many thanks ahead of time for any and all responses.


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