[Runequest] RQ/BRP-derived fantasy RPGs?

Peter Brink peter.brink at brinkdata.se
Sat Jul 23 23:31:52 EST 2011

2011-07-23 14:20, katkin_kalvin skrev:
> --- On Fri, 7/22/11, lev at rpgreview.net<lev at rpgreview.net>  wrote:
>> Ach, how could I forget our friends in Sweden's 'Drakar och
>> Demoner'?
> What about "Mutant: Undergangen"? The 1st edition was definitely BRP derived.

Indeed it was. Both "Mutant" and "Drakar & Demoner" eventually replaced 
the d100 mechanism with a d20 mechanism but still very much remained in 
the BRP family. The 7th (and last) ed. of DoD might have moved to far 
from the roots however. Sadly both of these games will (perhaps already 
have) go out of print.

Fantasy Games Unlimited published two games, "Privateers and Gentlemen" 
and "Other Suns" that both are BRP clones.

Harnmaster don't, IMO, belong to the BRP family. While some of the game 
mechanics are clearly inspired by BRP, most features of the game are 

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