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IF they had time, they could just use the RQ:AiG text, add images and viola.


Unsure if they could insert in the MRQII cbt system - or the system RQ6 is
working in.  It will cut into sales so probably not a go.



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On 20 July 2011 11:52, Rick Meints <rmeints at gmail.com> wrote:

 I think it would be really neat for Moon Design to publish a rules set that
would be 90+% compatible/appropriate to play with all the existing Moon
Design Glorantha Classic Reprint series.

 I guess what I'd really like to see is an "Old School Renaissance" version
of RQII in the same way that one can pick up and use Labyrinth Lord in a
mostly compatible way with old-school DnD material. If RQ6 can do that, yay.
If OpenQuest is still the best choice, that's cool, too.



Well, depending on my real life workload there should be an answer to your
plea sometime this year, when I finish the Glyphmaster (working title). It's
designed to replicate the mechanics (but not the setting) of the original
system, so it's the retro-clone you need (and it will be a free download).
Google the Gringle's Pawnshop forums for more information. In fact it was
inspired by the PDF release of the Gloranthan Classics.


Just give me a minute!


In the meantime, the closest match in print or PDF would be Chaosium's Basic
Gamesmaster / Basic Creatures / Basic Magic monographs. They're essentially
RQ3 with the Gloranthan references stripped out - not RQ2, but close enough
to run the Gloranthan Classics with some modification.

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