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> On 20 July 2011 11:52, Rick Meints <rmeints at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I think it would be really neat for Moon Design to publish a rules set
> that
> would be 90+% compatible/appropriate to play with all the existing Moon
> Design Glorantha Classic Reprint series.
>  I guess what I'd really like to see is an "Old School Renaissance" version
> of RQII in the same way that one can pick up and use Labyrinth Lord in a
> mostly compatible way with old-school DnD material. If RQ6 can do that,
> yay.
> If OpenQuest is still the best choice, that's cool, too.
> --
> V.

Well, depending on my real life workload there should be an answer to your
plea sometime this year, when I finish the Glyphmaster (working title). It's
designed to replicate the mechanics (but not the setting) of the original
system, so it's the retro-clone you need (and it will be a free download).
Google the Gringle's Pawnshop forums for more information. In fact it was
inspired by the PDF release of the Gloranthan Classics.

Just give me a minute!

In the meantime, the closest match in print or PDF would be Chaosium's Basic
Gamesmaster / Basic Creatures / Basic Magic monographs. They're essentially
RQ3 with the Gloranthan references stripped out - not RQ2, but close enough
to run the Gloranthan Classics with some modification.
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