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On 20 July 2011 11:52, Rick Meints <rmeints at gmail.com> wrote:

> No merging, no conspiracies, and no big secrets. We publish what we can, as
> we can. We all encourage and support each other. I suppose it would be
> wonderful if we all worked for one big global company, but that just isn't
> the way it has worked out. I'm in Michigan, Jeff is in Germany, Greg is in
> California, Loz is in Canada, and Pete is in Sweden. We're happy to chat
> about all of the above, time permitting.

I think it would be really neat for Moon Design to publish a rules set that
would be 90+% compatible/appropriate to play with all the existing Moon
Design Glorantha Classic Reprint series.

My current operating hypothesis (don't know if it proves true or useful) is
that the best /currently in print/ rules-set to use in this specific regard
is D101's OpenQuest.

If RQ6 will be 90+% compatible with the MD Reprint series of four books,
that'd be awesome and a wonderful goal.

I guess what I'd really like to see is an "Old School Renaissance" version
of RQII in the same way that one can pick up and use Labyrinth Lord in a
mostly compatible way with old-school DnD material. If RQ6 can do that, yay.
If OpenQuest is still the best choice, that's cool, too.

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