[Runequest] RQ6 & Moon Designs

Warren Creighton wbcreighton at yahoo.ca
Thu Jul 21 03:50:04 EST 2011

 "Moon Design is going to help the Design Mechanism publish their Runequest material. Pete and Loz are also signed up to write some Gloranthan Heroquest books for Moon Design."

One area of concern I would have with RQ6 is distribution.  People can say what they want about Mongoose Publishing, but they do seem to be able to get the product on the shelves.  I haven't seen the same for Heroquest.  In order for Pete and Loz to have a viable business the product has to get to the gamers.  Do you foresee wide distribution and support for RQ6 ?  I'm in Canada so maybe the stuff doesn't get onto the dogsled in time but it is a concern.

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