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Thanks, Rick, that's useful to know. May I include it in the "History of
RuneQuest" article on my RQ site? It really should be posted somewhere.

And while you're here, is "The RuneQuest Collectors Checklist" (RuneQuest -
Collectors_Checklist_RuneQuest_1.0.pdf) by "Richard" (no other name
provided) yours?


On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 11:52 AM, Rick Meints <rmeints at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have been reading the posts on this list for the last few weeks regarding
> Issaries, Moon Design Publications, the Reaching Moon Megacorp, the Design
> Mechanism, etc. and how they all fit together. Now that I am back from
> working overseas I thought I would take some time to shed some light on the
> subject.
> Issaries Inc. is owned by Greg Stafford. He controls the 3 trademarks for
> Glorantha, Heroquest and Runequest. He also owns the intellectual property
> rights to Glorantha. While Issaries Inc. was the original publisher of
> Heroquest RPG material, the company is now mainly used by Greg to issue
> publication licenses for Heroquest, Runequest, and Glorantha. Greg still
> writes too.
> Moon Design Publications is owned by Rick Meints and Jeff Richard. We
> currently hold the license to the Heroquest trademark and have a license to
> use the Glorantha trademark. We also have the rights to reprint much of the
> "RQ 2nd edition copyrighted material" as we have done via the Gloranthan
> Classics series of reprints. We are the current publisher of Heroquest
> Gloranthan material, and we also license third party companies, such as
> Alephtar Games and D101 Games, to publish Heroquest publications.
> The Design Mechanism is owned by Lawrence "Loz" Whitaker and Pete Nash.
> They are the current holders of the Runequest trademark license, and also
> have a license to publish Gloranthan material.
> The Reaching Moon Megacorp is/was David Hall's UK based company. They have
> not published anything for about 10 years. They are most famous for their
> publication of the "Tales of the Reaching Moon" magazine, which ran for 20
> issues. David (and the Megacorp) has largely retired from RPG publishing. I
> used to help David on a number of his projects.
> All of the specifically named people mentioned above are all friends that
> have known each other for about 20 years (give or take a few years). We have
> worked together on many projects in various combinations, and you may often
> see us at the Continuum and Eternal Conventions in Europe. We continue to
> work on various projects together. Moon Design is going to help the Design
> Mechanism publish their Runequest material. Pete and Loz are also signed up
> to write some Gloranthan Heroquest books for Moon Design.
> No merging, no conspiracies, and no big secrets. We publish what we can, as
> we can. We all encourage and support each other. I suppose it would be
> wonderful if we all worked for one big global company, but that just isn't
> the way it has worked out. I'm in Michigan, Jeff is in Germany, Greg is in
> California, Loz is in Canada, and Pete is in Sweden. We're happy to chat
> about all of the above, time permitting.
> --
> Regards,
> Rick Meints
> Moon Design Publications
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