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Rick Meints rmeints at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 01:52:40 EST 2011

Hello all,

I have been reading the posts on this list for the last few weeks regarding
Issaries, Moon Design Publications, the Reaching Moon Megacorp, the Design
Mechanism, etc. and how they all fit together. Now that I am back from
working overseas I thought I would take some time to shed some light on the

Issaries Inc. is owned by Greg Stafford. He controls the 3 trademarks for
Glorantha, Heroquest and Runequest. He also owns the intellectual property
rights to Glorantha. While Issaries Inc. was the original publisher of
Heroquest RPG material, the company is now mainly used by Greg to issue
publication licenses for Heroquest, Runequest, and Glorantha. Greg still
writes too.

Moon Design Publications is owned by Rick Meints and Jeff Richard. We
currently hold the license to the Heroquest trademark and have a license to
use the Glorantha trademark. We also have the rights to reprint much of the
"RQ 2nd edition copyrighted material" as we have done via the Gloranthan
Classics series of reprints. We are the current publisher of Heroquest
Gloranthan material, and we also license third party companies, such as
Alephtar Games and D101 Games, to publish Heroquest publications.

The Design Mechanism is owned by Lawrence "Loz" Whitaker and Pete Nash. They
are the current holders of the Runequest trademark license, and also have a
license to publish Gloranthan material.

The Reaching Moon Megacorp is/was David Hall's UK based company. They have
not published anything for about 10 years. They are most famous for their
publication of the "Tales of the Reaching Moon" magazine, which ran for 20
issues. David (and the Megacorp) has largely retired from RPG publishing. I
used to help David on a number of his projects.

All of the specifically named people mentioned above are all friends that
have known each other for about 20 years (give or take a few years). We have
worked together on many projects in various combinations, and you may often
see us at the Continuum and Eternal Conventions in Europe. We continue to
work on various projects together. Moon Design is going to help the Design
Mechanism publish their Runequest material. Pete and Loz are also signed up
to write some Gloranthan Heroquest books for Moon Design.

No merging, no conspiracies, and no big secrets. We publish what we can, as
we can. We all encourage and support each other. I suppose it would be
wonderful if we all worked for one big global company, but that just isn't
the way it has worked out. I'm in Michigan, Jeff is in Germany, Greg is in
California, Loz is in Canada, and Pete is in Sweden. We're happy to chat
about all of the above, time permitting.

Rick Meints
Moon Design Publications
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