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> ... should be based entirely on a modification from standard
> skills.
> "So you what to run up the wall, onto to the ceiling and then land behind
> your opponent? OK that's -50 to your Acrobatics skill".

All that means, though, is that you can't do it and the heroic ability
usually ends in failure. Plus this means that to master say wall walking
that you have to get to 150% in everything to do with Acrobatics. Free
Running, anyway, is something I would treat as an Advanced Skill rather than
a negative modifier to Acrobatics.

Heroic abilities straddle the line between supremely good mundane skills and
extraordinary/supernatural abilities that no amount of mundane skill can
match. Depending on how you tweak them, they become more supernatural or
more mundane. In general though they are more like Bladesharp than
Acrobatics. What I mean by that is that they make you better doing things.

One of the best things about RQII, and something I hope they take further,
is that there's a general step away from pre-roll modifiers. Heroic
abilities is an example of this in that they allow you to expand the range
of things you can do with a skill.

I do think in RQII, they were left on the shelf a bit due to how poorly they
were dealt with in MRQ1. Main thing I would do is to have them bought either
in downtime with Improvement Rolls or gained in game time through quests,
montage sequences and the like.
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