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Wed Jul 20 20:25:46 EST 2011

> On 19 July 2011 12:30, <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:
> The heroic abilities make for a useful option; especially if magic is not
> prevalent. They also make a useful framework for ki powers. From being
> initially sceptical in MRQ1 I've found them to be surprisingly flavourful
> and functional.

This is true, and perhaps (and not for the first time) I have been
incomplete in my explanation. I wasn't thinking in terms of the exciting
things that characters can do, such as Wall Leaping etc. My main complaint
is their acquisition through "Hero Points" and minimum requirements. I
think they should be based entirely on a modification from standard

"So you what to run up the wall, onto to the ceiling and then land behind
your opponent? OK that's -50 to your Acrobatics skill".

Rather like these guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGna_s9psRg

> On the other hand, lets leave narrative devices out of it. Passions, pacts
> and hero points provide all the narrative mechanics I want a game like RQ.

Sure, that's fine in itself. But when one player makes a huge effort to
portray their character's Passions, Pacts, Cult Affiliations etc I think
they should be rewarded in game terms.

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