[Runequest] Moon Designs

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Wed Jul 20 13:37:40 EST 2011

At 9:06 AM -0700 19/7/11, Warren Creighton wrote:
>I don't think the Reaching Moon and Moon Design have any relation to 
>each other.  Isn't Moon Design the entity created by Rick Meints to 
>publish the Glorathan materials ?

	Yeah, Moon Design was originally Rick Meints company for 
publishing RQ2 reprints and other bits and pieces. When Issaries Inc 
stopped publishing HeroQuest stuff, they licenced both HeroQuest and 
Glorantha to Moon Design (which had a pretty solid record of good 
quality publications by that point), and they've been the publishers 
for HeroQuest ever since, as well as Greg Staffords various deep 
background works. And they've written the new HeroQuest rules and 
Sartar books. All great stuff.
	The Reaching Moon Megacorp and Moon Design have no formal 
connection that I am aware of, and the RMM is closed for business 
http://www.btinternet.com/~nick_brooke/products/index.htm but the two 
groups have very close and friendly connections. RMM were the first 
people to publish Rick (the Meintz Index to Glorantha, which got him 
into the whole publication business), and RMM people have been 
working on Moon Design products pretty much since the first one (eg 
Nick Brooke from RMM proofed Moon Designs Gloranthan Classics Vol I), 
and there are shout outs to RMM in recent MD products.
	In short, different organisations, but closely connected 
ones, all people who've been part of core Glorantha fandom for a long 

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