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David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Wed Jul 20 01:53:45 EST 2011

At 2:05 PM +0200 19/7/11, Tony Den wrote:
>Thought Reaching Moon Megacorp closed down some years back?
>lev at rpgreview.net wrote:
>>>	Pretty exciting news - sounds like the Mongoose RQ 2 rules
>>>  will form the basis for a new edition of the rules, from the crew at
>>>  Moon Design. I'm personally pretty pleased by this news - the MRQ 2
>>>  rules seemed a pretty good set, and the Moon Design folks do great
>>>  work. I expect this will see the HeroQuest and RuneQuest lines having
>>>  some convergence, too, given both will now be from the same publisher
>>>  and the same group of people.
>>  This is very exciting news indeed. I'll be pleased if they can incorporate
>>  some pretty simple narrative devices and remove those damn "Legendary
>  > Abilities".
>  >
	The Legendary Abiltities (renamed Heroic Abilities in MRQ2) 
actually seem like a really good idea to me, in principle. Used with 
some restraint, it provides nice high powered abilities for 
physically oriented, non-magician characters; provides a mechanism 
for some obvious abilities that fall outside the magic system (ie 
immortality); and has a nice feel for people who want to create 
'hero' characters (both in the specifically Gloranthan sense and 
	Though the list of such abilities in MRQ1 did seem to get 
somewhat out of hand - there are some really extreme abilities in the 
game - but that can be said for a lot of things in MRQ1, including 
pretty much all the magic systems.
	I like the Heroic Abilities in MRQ2, and I'll be using them 
in my games (presuming they make it through to RQ6, but I can't see 
any reason why not). But if you really don't like them, they seem 
like an easily removed element of the game, and the RQ6 people are 
suggesting it will be fairly modular in design.

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