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	Pretty exciting news - sounds like the Mongoose RQ 2 rules 
will form the basis for a new edition of the rules, from the crew at 
Moon Design. I'm personally pretty pleased by this news - the MRQ 2 
rules seemed a pretty good set, and the Moon Design folks do great 
work. I expect this will see the HeroQuest and RuneQuest lines having 
some convergence, too, given both will now be from the same publisher 
and the same group of people.

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>"A New Future for RuneQuest!
>We are delighted to announce our agreement with Issaries Inc, 
>allowing The Design Mechanism to produce a new edition of RuneQuest 
>and supporting supplements. You can read the full Press Release by 
>clicking on the link to the right. Press Release July 2012 FINAL.pdf
>The way all this will work is as follows:
>The Design Mechanism will be producing the sixth published edition 
>of RQ for an early 2012 release.
>We will be publishing the core rules and all future supplements in 
>partnership with Moon Design. This allows us to call upon their 
>resources for a wide range of things that would be too costly for us 
>to develop singly.
>Working with Moon we also have access to Glorantha, meaning that 
>RuneQuest material for both Second and Third Age Glorantha will be 
>not just possible, but a reality."
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