[Runequest] RQIII Sorcery historical brain dump

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I've run it a lot and did the MRQ2 on the web for Blood of Orlanth. Like all
of the MRQ2 magic systems, it's a lot more powerful out of the doors than
(probably) any RQ/BRP magic system. The power of the spell is based on your
skill, not the number of Magic Points you have. In RQ3 an Intensity 7 spell
would cost 7 MPs. In MRQ2 an Intensity 7 spell costs 1 MP; the higher the
skill, the more bang you get for your buck. An averagely competent sorcerer
with POW 16 could realistically cast 5-7 spells before running low on MPs.
The net result is that powerful sorcerers are much more dependent on skill
than on magic items. This also makes them easier to run as NPCs.

On another point, just in case you didn't know, there's a couple of S&P
articles on MRQ2 spirit magic that I co-wrote that attempt to illustrate how
that system is meant to work. It's the most changed system in MRQ2 and on
first read you can end up scratching your head.

On 14 July 2011 15:37, Sean Foster <ebaninth at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> Has anyone on this list tried MRQ2 Sorcery, and in fact there whole magic
> system?
> I'm currently getting a group together to run Blood of Orlanth, and hope to
> get players trying each of the systems outlined in MRQ2...
> > Actually, that was always a big problem with RQ3 Sorcery - it didn't seem
> to have a lot of Gloranthan flavour at all.
> David don't really understand  this, although it could well be a personal
> thing.  Is it that the rules did not 'dove-tail' In nicely with the other
> magic systems?
> Sean
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