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Sean Foster:
>Has anyone on this list tried MRQ2 Sorcery, and in fact there whole magic

MRQ2 sorcery can be very powerful, and doesn't suffer from the same problems
as RQ3.

It avoids the ultra-slow skill-up curve by having one skill for Manipulation
and one skill per Grimoire, with each Grimoire covering between 4 and ~20

There is no such thing as Free INT, spell manipulations are based on the
caster's Manipulation skill, and the potency of the spell is based on the
Grimoire skill.

Range and duration are linear, so it doesn't become silly at higher levels.

Spells cost fewer MPs - one per manipulation plus one per additional spell
cast. So casting Enhance STR & Enhance DEX on several people with extra
duration costs 3MPs, no matter how much duration or how many people. Or
maybe it's 4MPs. It's ether 3MP and 4 Combat Actions, or the other way
around, I keep forgetting when I haven't used the rules for a couple of
weeks. There is a general trend in MRQ to reduce the emphasis on MP use,
no-one really needs loads of MP storage any more. Unless you only have
Common Magic. That still costs the same as it used to.

Phil Hibbs.
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On 14 July 2011 15:37, Sean Foster <ebaninth at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> Has anyone on this list tried MRQ2 Sorcery, and in fact there whole magic
> system?
> I'm currently getting a group together to run Blood of Orlanth, and hope to
> get players trying each of the systems outlined in MRQ2...
> > Actually, that was always a big problem with RQ3 Sorcery - it didn't seem
> to have a lot of Gloranthan flavour at all.
> David don't really understand  this, although it could well be a personal
> thing.  Is it that the rules did not 'dove-tail' In nicely with the other
> magic systems?
> Sean
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