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On 13 July 2011 14:43, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:

> It became fashionable to dump on the RQ3 sorcery system pretty soon after
> it came out, but I don't think that it's as bad as all that.

It became fashionable because the system is poorly designed. I might be
mis-remembering but I'm pretty sure that Chaosium later stated that the
system was unplaytested and loosely based on some ideas that Steve Perrin
had. Pretty much the rest of RQ3 consisted of formalised house rules so had
had a lot of play. I suspect that's why RQ3 sorcery seems so jarring
compared to most of RQ3.

The beauty of the BRP system is that you can doi almost anything to it and
it doesn't generally fall over. You can make the sorcery system in RQ3 work
as written but it's a lot of work and, for me, the payback's never been
worth it.

It is perfectly possibly to do skill based magic. BRP manages it fine albeit
it's a bit on the weak sauce side. Loz and Pete's reworking of it of sorcery
for MRQ2 is also good if a bit OTT in places. To my eyes, RQ3 sorcery is a
bit like an alpha playtest version. It's not a bad first stab but I reckon
there are too many dead-ends. The reason why Sandy Peterson and pretty much
everyone else went off and wrote their own rules is that RQ3 sorcery is
simply not a very good system.
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