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Wed Jul 13 16:52:10 EST 2011

> Hi, Guys,

Hi Asher,

>    I've more than once heard the RQ3 Deluxe sorcery system described as
> being broken.  Alas, I've never actually used it.  So, I would be
> interested in hearing more about this.
>    If anyone would be interested in presenting their opinions on the
> merits and flaws of the RQ 3 Deluxe sorcery system, I would appreciate
> it.

I've used it quite a bit at various levels of play, from raw beginners to
that bloody dangerous Artelen from "Strangers in Prax".

It's simply wrong to call it "broken", as that implies something that
simply doesn't work at all. They do work, but they are very flexible and
because of the time-factor involved in becoming a good sorcerer, it is
perhaps best for NPCs.

It is always worth, in my mind, keeping in context of the entire
gameworld, rules-as-writ. Only a handful of people have access to sorcery,
and the number of people who specialise in it are extremely rare (about
four people in a thousand).

There's a good old thread on RPG.net which discusses the various merits
and failures.


>    Further, if anyone has formulated house rules that patch up the
> published rules, while still keeping the original strengths of the
> system, I would also appreciate that.

Try here: http://www.nikkeffingham.com/runequest/rules.htm

Hope this helps,


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