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Wed Jul 13 04:21:26 EST 2011

A sorceror can learn a spell, make a matrix of it, and then free up the
point of Int and cast it using the matrix. He can leave the matrix in a safe
place, and then pick it up again later and use it at full skill. So,
removing a spell from memory does not lose the skill. Similarly, he can move
the spell into his familiar's Free Int, or into an Intellect Spirit. Losing
access to these does not lose the skill. If you want sorcery spell skills to
atrophy more quickly than other skills, then that's up to you.

Personally I think they would atrophy less, or at least, they would come
back very quickly with a little practice. They are in my opinion very rote
and formulaic, and so once perfected they should be easy to maintain and
refresh. I don't think the presence or absence of a spell occupying a point
of INT makes any difference to the sorceror having the skill and being able
to refresh his memory of it by practicing some of the mental and physical
actions that the spell involves, any more than a warrior doing his kata
needs to be holding an actual sharp metal sword.

Phil Hibbs.
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