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Tue Jul 12 19:06:44 EST 2011

> The session went really well, and the players definitely enjoyed the
> system
> and the contests - so much so that we're playing next Saturday, instead of
> having a two-week interval.

Good news; it's a very good scenario for beginners.

> Unlike spirit magicians, sorcerers can learn their spells from books. I
> presume that they can also record the knowledge of the spells that they
> know
> IN a book. But if a sorcerer forgets a spell, and later decides to relearn
> it from their grimoire, how long does it take them to relearn it? It
> doesn't
> seem right to have them go through the same process as learning it from a
> book for the first time.

My understanding is that a sorcerer may never *learn* more spells that
their INT (p125 Deluxe). If they want to forget a spell (for example, they
are already at their max INT and want to learn a new spell), the rules are
quite clear - they must "undergo the entire training process again to
regain that knowledge" (p95 Deluxe), purging their mind of the arcane
knowledge, exactly like a spirit magic user releases the spell spirit and
must capture an another one if they want to use the spell again..

Personally, I don't see what the problem is with the rules as written in
this instance, although I do think that especially for sorcerers that this
rule would occur only in extreme cases (for example, a sorcerer with no
free INT discovers an Immortality grimoire). In most cases however they
would probably have a familiar by this stage...

All the best,


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