[Runequest] MRQ2 - Any good?

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I think this has been answered before but I can summarise my opinions.

In spirit it's closer to RQ2 than to RQ3. Which is to say that there's an
attempt to prioritise game fun over simulation.

On one hand it's still pretty close to RQ2/3. You can take RQ2/3 stat blocks
and pretty much use them in MRQII through eyeballing them. Bladesharp 4 is
still bladesharp 4. 1h sword attack 75%, shield parry 80% would be combat
style (Sword & Shield) 80%. If someone has 5 HPs and 3 APs in the right leg
then 8 points of damage will probably knock them prone.

On the other hand there's a vast amount of change. A lot of it can be
summarised as turning the dial up to 11. Sorcery and Divine magic is a lot
more powerful at lower levels. Spirit Magic is a brand new approach to
Shamanism. Combat tends to end more quickly due to combat manoeuvres.
Starting player characters tend to be more competent. The rest of it is
streamlining so instead of three possible resolution systems (skill, stat*5
and resistance table) there is just one: skills. Skills themselves are
broader and improved through assigned Improvement rolls or training rather
than through experience or training. Hero Points are integral to the game
which means that PCs can survive a lot more and General Hit Points have been
removed meaning that death occurs due to a major wound to a location rather
than potentially being nibbled to death.

So RQII is recognisably the same game but plays with quite a different feel.
That's my opinion.

On 27 January 2011 03:45, Albert Ramirez <al_ramirez_2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have ordered the MRQ2 rule books and I was hoping that one of you can
> summarize the differences with Chaosium RQ2 or RQ3.
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