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There is a lot of differences between MRQ2 and previous incarnations.

In my opinion, the most important ones are :

Characters :

-No Generic Hit Points, only localized HP;
-Skills base %age scores are all equal to the sum of 2 characteristics;
-No Characteristics rolls. "resistance" Skills have been added to be used 
-No Resistance Table: a generic Skill opposition rule is used instead;
-No Special successes;
-Fatigue System is completely different.

Combat :

-No Strike Ranks : initiative is based on you INT+DEX and your armor;
-The number of actions you can do in one round also depends on INT+DEX;
-In a fight, the effet of a critical success is not fixed. Instead, you have a 
set of effects ("combat manoeuvers") that you can choose if your success level 
is better than your opponent's.

Magic :

-Common Magic (ex-battle/spirit magic) requires a skill to be used;
-Divine Magic does not require you to sacrifice POW. Simply speaking, you only 
have to reduce your Magic Points maximum to get divine magic. It also make use 
of 2 skills : one to determine your spells' efficiency, and the second their 
success chance;
-Only one Manipulation skill remains for Sorcery;
-Sorcery Spells are learned in Grimoires, and only one skill is required for 
each Grimoire;
-Sorcery is no longer limited by Free INT, only by skills;
-There is a distinct system for Shamanism;

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I have ordered the MRQ2 rule books and I was hoping that one of you can 
summarize the differences with Chaosium RQ2 or RQ3. 

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