[Runequest] rolling rocks down on pc,s from mountain

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Tue Jan 18 19:51:23 EST 2011

Simon Phipp wrote:

> You could use the falling rules, in which case you have to work out how
> far the
> rock has fallen, how big it is and so on. So, you'd have 1D6 for the rock
> damage
> and a number of D6s for the height it has fallen. Be careful as a bad
> location
> could kill a PC out of hand.
> What I'd do is to give the rock a chance to hit and either have a SIZ vs
> roll to knock them off or allow the rock to do damage (2D6 or maybe 3D6)
> and see
> if that incapacitates the climber - don't forget the effects of knockback
> as
> well. Are they wearing armour? If so, I'd penalise their Climb rolls.

One could also have bigger and smaller monsters rolling thr rocks
(Giants/Trolls and orcs/trollkin). Maybe the bigger ones get excited or
run out of ammo and start lobbing their smaller colleagues down:)

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