[Runequest] rolling rocks down on pc,s from mountain

Simon Phipp soltakss at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 09:37:33 EST 2011

Harry Woolley:
> hi guy,s that means both sexs,my pcs  will soon be climbing the dragon 
>mountain,and the monsters within 
> will try to  stop them,how would you go about this i dont fansy useing throwing 
>skill becouse  im rolling big 
> rocks i was thinking off the warhammer skatter dice have you lot  got any ideas 
>and damege i would inflicket 
> its a way off geting rid off some  npcs they have picked up on they 2 year 
>treck they got to close to them and
> over  dependant on them so they should go legaly of  coures.

You could use the falling rules, in which case you have to work out how far the 
rock has fallen, how big it is and so on. So, you'd have 1D6 for the rock damage 
and a number of D6s for the height it has fallen. Be careful as a bad location 
could kill a PC out of hand.

What I'd do is to give the rock a chance to hit and either have a SIZ vs STR 
roll to knock them off or allow the rock to do damage (2D6 or maybe 3D6) and see 
if that incapacitates the climber - don't forget the effects of knockback as 
well. Are they wearing armour? If so, I'd penalise their Climb rolls.

Also, if the characters were foolish enough to rope themselves together, if one 
goes he has a good chance of pulling the others off as well. Once again, make 
the climbers make a STR vs SIZ roll to see if they are dragged screaming to 
their deaths.

To make things less deadly, I've give the throwers a ridiculously small chance 
of hitting (10%, maybe 20% if you are feeling harsh). Also, you might want to 
give the climbers a Dodge attempt (limit it to the Climb roll, though to make 
them really sweat).

I'd allow the monsters to throw one rock a round and roll randomly as to who is 
thrown at. That way, you have a chance of getting an NPC without deliberately 
picking them. Give the PCs a number of rounds in which to climb past the 
monsters or to climb to a safe part which shields them from the rocks. If they 
fumble their climb rolls then they'd fall off anyway, so that might be a way to 
get rid of the NPCs.

See Ya


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