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Hi Tony,
I bought that quite some time ago, now. I personally found it a little too generic-fantasy for my taste these days, though I'm sure that's what it's meant to be. If it's poorly edited, then that's an irony because it actually isn't a monograph, but a full production Chaosium book, and so would have received attention from Chaosium's art and editing departments (which monographs do not). 

I also bought the two BRP Adventures compilations produced so far (a third is on the way). These -are- monographs and full of fan-produced material. I found them to be a mixed bag with some very strong and pretty weak stuff mixed together. They both have way too many silly 'pulpy' style adventures for my taste. But there have also been some real gems. The first adventure from the first book, called Sharazar (or similar spelling) remains my favourite BRP gold book adventure to date. There were also some interesting stand out adventures from C.J. Bowser, Mechashef, Sarah Newton and others who might subscribe to this list.
Anything produced for BRP is highly compatible with RQ3 rules, so not worries in that regard.
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> Firstly all the best for 2011. Is this the first post of the year?
> Off topic I suppose, but BRP seems to be still close enough to RQIII to be
> able to use a module and just cross reference the odd monster or
> equivalent skill check (Fine Manipulation = Devise to pick lock per
> example).
> Anyhow, I layed hands on BRP Monograph (which is not a monograph IMO, a
> Monograph is a "roneo" wax template thing that is relatively messy) called
> In Search of the Trollslayer. Thought I would take my players though it
> with some new characters as a little side diversion from the huge campaign
> we usually play.
> Nice and simple, at first. But man I reckon the lad could have used some
> proof readers or players. I suppose the foibles can be worked around, but
> just annoying when ytou loose continuity due to poor cross referencing.
> Also in the foreword he says need a strong party with magic, but fails to
> say the most importatnt thing - needs a character that can read!
> Anyhow, we are not finished. Once done I will get some feedback and write
> a little review on my site.
> Has anyone else experience of this item?
> Tony
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