[Runequest] [BRP] Monograph - In Search of the Trollslayer

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Tue Jan 11 18:45:06 EST 2011

Firstly all the best for 2011. Is this the first post of the year?

Off topic I suppose, but BRP seems to be still close enough to RQIII to be
able to use a module and just cross reference the odd monster or
equivalent skill check (Fine Manipulation = Devise to pick lock per

Anyhow, I layed hands on BRP Monograph (which is not a monograph IMO, a
Monograph is a "roneo" wax template thing that is relatively messy) called
In Search of the Trollslayer. Thought I would take my players though it
with some new characters as a little side diversion from the huge campaign
we usually play.

Nice and simple, at first. But man I reckon the lad could have used some
proof readers or players. I suppose the foibles can be worked around, but
just annoying when ytou loose continuity due to poor cross referencing.
Also in the foreword he says need a strong party with magic, but fails to
say the most importatnt thing - needs a character that can read!

Anyhow, we are not finished. Once done I will get some feedback and write
a little review on my site.

Has anyone else experience of this item?


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