[Runequest] Fire starting questions

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Funny how people have different responses, LOl yeah we had a couple real fast "firemakers" i was using the five minutes as a very loose average
funny thing this topic came up I am running a BRP/Worlds Beyond/Other Suns campaign/game and the group has found themselves on a Foster's Midworld clone trying to make fire, and discovered the burning pollen, just as a player made the comment about jeweler's rouge

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On Sat, Dec 03, 2011 at 03:17:23PM -0800, steven mckenzie wrote:
> In the magical dnd world everything is a feat, and automatic, LOL
> In RQ/BRP I usually use a fine manipulation roll. When I did living
> history to use flint and steel was harder than bowing, lol.

Not IME.  I've never had much success with a fire-bow.  Flint and steel
in comparison was pretty easy, at least for me.

> Takes about 5 minutes for those of use that were good, that is with 
> dry fluff etc. 

I've seen some who can get a flame in seconds.  Rain and wind makes it
harder sometimes much harder or even impossible unless under shelter.

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