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In the magical dnd world everything is a feat, and automatic, LOL
In RQ/BRP I usually use a fine manipulation roll. When I did living history to use flint and steel was harder than bowing, lol. Takes about 5 minutes for those of use that were good, that is with dry fluff etc. If damp well, I could never do it, but had some friends that were good enuff that it took a few more minutes, we used cloaks to protect from winds etc ( I have a race of nomadic elves that uses large rug/tapestries to hide their fires and themselves  from being seen.) 
In RQ/BRP I usually have "classes" or degrees ( using a modiefied superworld system) (there was also IIRC a kinda interesting weather system in an old dragon I used for ideas) to my weather and the PCs needing various levels of success to succeed in various outdoorsy skills.
Torches are wrapped in oil cloth so they go up fast, but  the smell is strong and it alerts dungeon creatures. 
We have had players in combat holding torches etc, break their oil jugs etc and catch fire, loose scrolls, suffer worse damage from the effects of the fails than was given to them by the encounters. And we even had someone do the stunt from princess Bride, and It actually worked!
I have pcs that moved from dnd over to BRP/RQ change tactics because of the ease of the dnd reality as compared to RQ.
When we simulated dungeon/night fighting with torches (in living histiory waht is now called LARP), depending how they are made cause all sorts of problems. From smoke blinding people ( of if using various alternte visions would cause havoc there as well), to sparks causing problems, and of course a dropped torch may go out, or if damaged cause problems on the ground making even MORE smoke. Lanterns more often than not go out if dropped, causing humans to be blind immediately etc especially in a dungeon (we haunted an abandoned factory for whileand the connected sewers and did live stuff and learned some stuff). smoke doesnt  always flow well and show patterns  of air movement , etc
Stick with fire stick (matches, waxed are good, lol) and lighter fluid, lol. Making sparks is easy with flint and steel, but getting it to catch, well, takes lots of practise

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Hi, Guys,
  I'm a really lousy camper, but my characters all seem to be competent
at making a camp fire, preparing a torch, and maintaining an oil lamp. 
So I have what might be simply commonsense questions.

1.  Given good camping conditions and the typical fantasy RPG fire
starting kit (described vaguely, if at all, as flint & steel) how long
does it take to start a fire, and then to make a camp fire?
  Also, how bad do weather conditions have to be before our outdoorsy
characters would despair of making a camp fire?

2.  Given a dungeon crawl and the typical fantasy RPG fire starting kit,
how long does it take to light a torch or oil lamp?
  Also, what factors, if any, would likely complicate matters?

3.  What is a medieval fire starting kit?  How does it work?  Would it be
cool to have one, or should I stick with lighter fluid and charcoal
briquettes?  :-)

4.  Any good RPG adventure stories about using fire in dungeons, castles,

  Many thanks ahead of time.

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