[Runequest] Fire starting questions

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Sun Dec 4 07:45:12 EST 2011

Hi, Guys,
   I'm a really lousy camper, but my characters all seem to be competent
at making a camp fire, preparing a torch, and maintaining an oil lamp. 
So I have what might be simply commonsense questions.

1.  Given good camping conditions and the typical fantasy RPG fire
starting kit (described vaguely, if at all, as flint & steel) how long
does it take to start a fire, and then to make a camp fire?
   Also, how bad do weather conditions have to be before our outdoorsy
characters would despair of making a camp fire?

2.  Given a dungeon crawl and the typical fantasy RPG fire starting kit,
how long does it take to light a torch or oil lamp?
   Also, what factors, if any, would likely complicate matters?

3.  What is a medieval fire starting kit?  How does it work?  Would it be
cool to have one, or should I stick with lighter fluid and charcoal
briquettes?  :-)

4.  Any good RPG adventure stories about using fire in dungeons, castles,

   Many thanks ahead of time.

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