[Runequest] Shameful question.

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Thu Aug 25 14:12:26 EST 2011

Hi, Guys,
   I have a shameful confession.  I confess.  I've been watching trashy
and shamefully sensationalist TV show called "Deadliest Warrior" on
netflix.  I've watched several episodes, with hilarious matches such as
ninja versus spartan hoplite and 17th century pirate versus 15th
century knight.
   I'm not interested in who would win, but rather how effective are the
pre-gunpowder weapons.  The halberd looked great, by the way.
   Anyways, my question is, would you happen to know if these
demonstrations are realistic?
   (If they are, then I will never question RQ3 location hit points again.)


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