[Runequest] Email Digest Formatted as Attachments

lev at rpgreview.net lev at rpgreview.net
Wed Aug 24 10:28:02 EST 2011

Hi Steve,

> Recently, the format of the email digest has changed so that all of the
> submissions appear as attachments instead of inline (I'm reading through
> yahoo mail using a browser).  It's and incredibbly unfriendly format for
> me -- is there any way to change it back?

That would be annoying; I assure you we did nothing at our end!

One thing I did notice in your subscription is that you had digest but
also MIME format, which may have why it was being sent as an attachment.
I've changed that to plain-text. I think that might fix things for you.

Let me know if the problem remains.

Best wishes,


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