[Runequest] MRQ II - Combat

Kantor Rythmeiger kantor_rythmeiger at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 18:59:40 EST 2011

This is an aside but based on donkey's years of killing PCs.. the NPCs 
should be slaughtered easily most of the time.
This isn't just the fact that they're the heroes, hoorah! It's also that 
the PCs usually then have to fight again, and again, and again.
As Jonathan Tweet said (somewhere, probably his blog) the enemy only 
appear once and are fresh, whether they live or die they never appear in 
the story again.
The poor old PCs are in an endless chain of near death lethal combats, 
and the probability of a PC surviving a 10 session campaign is far lower 
if the enemy are in anyway comparable.
Plus, on a different poiunt that Robin Laws has made (probably in that 
Gamesmastering book) 'players never tire of easy victories'.
So, read the rules, do the maths, try and understand the system, but for 
Orlanth's sake, don't try and make the combats balanced..

TPK anyone?

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