[Runequest] MRQ II - Combat

Kantor Rythmeiger kantor_rythmeiger at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 18:51:16 EST 2011

> I'm not looking for a completely balanced system but there ought not to be
> something that unbalances combat to that extent - just means that it becomes
> a must-have thing -  the system will work but every character will insist on
> 3 CA and always use Enhance spells - it reduces variety.

I'd say check the social availability of the Enhance spells in your 
game, then decide if in fact the players just like being combat 
monsters.. in which case give them tougher and more varied opposition to 
exercise their martial skills on, and make sure that they have fun.. not 

Kantor Rythmeiger of the Sea Isles

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