[Runequest] Pete Nash - Julian May's Pliocene Exile

Trevor Ellis trevor.ellis at pobox.com
Sun Aug 21 01:42:45 EST 2011

Can't get the idea of a setting in Julian May's Pliocene Exile campaign out
of my head. 

It sounds like a really great idea.

What magic system would it use?  Some variation of sorcery maybe, where
different people have different aptitudes/affinities for each class/group of

The ritual combats and chase would be magnificent.

It's got everything... swords, monsters, heroes, magical powers, and sex!

Going to have to spend an evening with a bottle of wine, paper and pencil
and scribble down some thoughts.  Maybe re-read the books for the nth time.

Would you be interested in publishing any of the campaign details for it at
any point?


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