[Runequest] MRQ II - Parry Question

Trevor Ellis trevor.ellis at pobox.com
Sun Aug 21 01:27:59 EST 2011

I am a little confused on the Parry rules.

P 84 says 
Parry ... As well as being a reactive response, this action *CAN* also be
declared in advance of an expected attack by adopting
a defensive stance. 

[What is the difference between declaring it and not declaring it?]

P 84 continues 
Parry ... However, once committed, the CA cannot be converted back to any
other type of action and is lost if not used before his next Strike Rank

P 85 says
The intention to parry must be declared before any attack roll is made.
However, if the attack misses then the parrying participant can opt not to
complete the parry, thereby saving his CA from being spent.

[Which is correct ?]

A general comment on almost all rules systems I have seen - there is greater
effort spent describing non-technical (more interesting) things like
character generation and less detailing the way that key mechanics work :-)

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