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Pete Nash the.iqari at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 01:17:58 EST 2011

> I think your interpretation is wrong .. trying to justify the broken CA
> system.

Whether it is broken or not is subjective. Its a model and a simple one at
that, which tries to make combat fun.

> You may not have natural quickness but after years of training .. in a
> particular skill ... develop very fast reflexes in that skill.

That too is a subjective analysis. I personally have mediocre reflexes, my
children can respond quicker than I can. However what my quarter century of
combat training has given me is an eye to read and anticipate my opponent. I
know what he is about to do and make sure my next action takes advantage of
the coming opening.

I am not however, naturally fast.

Before I started martial arts .... my hand eye coordination was poor ... my
> reflexes slow.

Now this could be taken as the reverse principle that the starting PC has a
DEX of 13 *because *he has been training in combat skills all his young

> A person with skill 80% is a better total fighter than a 60%. Faster and
> more skilled.

More skilled, but not necessarily a faster person. If you placed both of us
in armour and gave us weapons, I could no doubt beat the snot out of a
college football player as I will have by far the superior skill. But am I
faster than he is? That's questionable and then brings to light the abstract
nature of the DEX characteristic.

They may have started both at a base level of ability based on natural
> aptitude, one of them may have had 2 more points in agility at the beginning
> of training, which gave him a distinct advantage in the beginning, but after
> years of training .. the naturally slower guy puts in more effort training
> to get to 80% ... then he is better than the naturally faster guy trained
> only to 60% .. the skill percentage is total aptitude ... too much weight
> has been given in MRQII to attribute, ignoring training.

Actually skill is far more valuable, it was deliberately designed to be. If
you look at the probabilities closely you'll see how much of a bias it

As I said, its an easy change if you want everyone to have the same number
of CAs whether they be an obese couch potato of a priest or a lithe
cutpurse. Feel free to make things as complex as you want. :D
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