[Runequest] MRQ II - Combat

Pete Nash the.iqari at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 00:56:30 EST 2011

> I like this suggestion - I am wondering whether to write a short program to
> simulate a few different aspects

Yep, there are plenty of house rules you can apply to make the system work
for you. Just bear in mind that whatever route you take, unless you
harmonise CAs across the board then you will always introduce a break point

> Exactly my point - that running an adventurer with lightly less than above
> average starts would appear untenable.

Untenable? Why?

Being short 1 CA can be countered for by wearing decent armour, using bigger
weapons than the opponent, using magic and so on. It by no means does it
make a PC untenable, even if you are running a combat heavy campaign. You
could even make them a ranged weapon specialist instead.

Bruce summed it up quite nicely. If you are not too bright and/or are badly
coordinated then why are you getting involved in combat in the first place?

By the way the chances of a special effect in any *opposed *exchange is:

Both Fail their rolls 8%
Both succeed with the same level of success 39.36%
Guy with 60% skill gets one or more Combat Manoeuvres 16.32%
Guy with 80% skill gets one or more Combat Manoeuvres 36.32%

So until he runs out of CAs the 80% skilled participant has over twice the
chance of gaining a special manoeuvre in any particular attack or parry.
Which manoeuvre you select will depending on how people are armed, armoured
and the skill of the opponent. However, as you have discovered some of them
can be show stoppers or potentially affect the number of CAs of the
opponent. Also consider that the higher skilled participant is much more
likely to resist manoeuvres used against him.

Personally I'd go with the higher skilled guy every time, but as the
designer I probably know how to finesse the rules in my favour. ;)
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