[Runequest] MRQ II - Combat

Trevor Ellis trevor.ellis at pobox.com
Sat Aug 20 23:46:10 EST 2011

> From: Alban de ROSTOLAN 
> One thing that could be done is to limit the number of attacks.
> For instance, you could give a cumulative -25% for each attack beyond
> the first, or require the attacker to spend a combat manuever to attack
> again (unless he's using 2 weapons).

I like this suggestion - I am wondering whether to write a short program to
simulate a few different aspects

> From: Bruce Mason 
> I think what this shows is that you are slow and not too bright then
> you
> really ought not to be on a battlefield. If you're constantly being
> beaten
> down in training by people who don't seem to be as skilful as you, then
> work
> on your fitness because that's your weakness. It's saying that if you
> don't
> have a certain minimum level of physical ability then you are at a
> disadvantage and it takes a lot of skill to overcome that.

Exactly my point - that running an adventurer with lightly less than above
average starts would appear untenable.

> Another way to look at it is this:
> If your skill is 60% then 3 of out of every 5 CAs are effective. If
> your
> skill is 80% then 4 out of every 5 CAs are effective. In a situation
> where
> you have 4 CAs per round and your skill is 60% then you can expect 2 or
> 3 of
> them to work each round. If your skill is 80% and you have 3 CAs then 2
> or 3
> of them will be effective. On average the difference is not as extreme
> as
> you might think.
> Look also at 120% vs 100%. Due to the over 100% rule that equates to 80
> vs
> 100.
> 80% and 4 CAs is 3 or 4 successes. 100% with 3 CAs is close to
> guaranteed 3
> CAs. In this case the skill effect is probably greater.

This does not appear to take account of parries - they now block everything
(in most cases).  For the 3CA/100% guy they will do damage in roughly 20% of
the melee rounds whilst for the 4CA/80% guy will do damage in roughly 80% of
the melee rounds.

Note also that a 3CA vs 4CA battle is very different to a 2CA vs 3CA with
regards to winning initiative

2CA vs 3CA - initiative makes no difference 
	2CA = 1 atk + 1par, 3CA = 2atk + 1par

3CA vs 4CA - initiative won by 3CA
	3CA = 2 atk + 1par, 4CA = 2atk + 2par

3CA vs 4CA - initiative won by 4CA
	3CA = 1 atk + 2par, 4CA = 3atk + 1par

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