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One thing that could be done is to limit the number of attacks.

For instance, you could give a cumulative -25% for each attack beyond the first, or require the attacker to spend a combat manuever to attack again (unless he's using 2 weapons).

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> > From: "Trevor Ellis" 
> > Just got my copy of Mongoose Runequest II (yes I'm a little behind the
> > times), but I'm trying to put together some house-rules and thought I'd
> > take
> > a look 
> > I'm a little worried about the combat system.  Am I right in thinking
> > the
> > having a good INT and DEX is vital because that way you get 3 combat
> > actions
> > whilst most people will have only two.   This means that normally you
> > will
> > attack twice and parry once whilst your opponent will attack once and
> > parry
> > once.  Therefore you will have a free (unopposed) attack EVERY round?
> > 
> > 

> From: Lawrence Whitaker 
> ...
> I'd also recommend playing the combat system first before reaching a
> judgement from just reading the rules. You'll find there's a great of
> tactical nuance, so simply having more CA than an opponent might seem
> like a good thing on paper, but it can work out quite differently in play.
> Consider, for example, how that 3 CA fighter will fare against two
> opponents with 2 CA each. Being outnumbered in MRQII is Not A Good Thing.

> From: Pete Nash 
> Let me put is this way. Would you play a dedicated sorcerer with a INT
> of 12
> or a priest with a POW of 12? Would you make a PC with a poor CON or
> tiny
> SIZ a frontline fighter? Unless you like a good RP challenge, most
> players
> wouldn't. Since Damage Bonus, Hit Points and Magic Points are all based
> on
> characteristics, then why shouldn't Combat Actions, otherwise there's a
> double standard being applied.
> Also bear in mind that to get 3 CA you only need to be just a little
> above
> human average. It shouldn't be a hardship during character generation.

> From: Phil Hibbs 
> INT 13 and DEX 12 gets you 3 actions, which is easy, and getting 4
> would
> require an 18 and a 19 or equivalent, which is technically not possible
> for
> a regular human.
> If you have a 15 and a 16, you can use Enhance spells to get up to 30
> and 32
> which gives 6 CA, which is quite a game-changer.

I do not disagree with Pete and Phil observations.  But my point is that the
number of CA appears to give such a significant advantage that you would be
mad not to choose it. If one played in dungeons where a small group of
front-line fighters could shield the rest of the party it might not matter
so much - but in the RQ campaigns  I have seen, it is difficult to "shield"
more than one person who is too weak to fight at all.

I believe Lawrence is right that I should try the system first!

I think I will do it using a two groups of 4 who are identical except that
group A has 3 CA and 60% skills and group B has 2 CA and 80% skills. If my
maths is correct the 3 CA will be disproportionately advantaged - getting
about twice as much damage through and about twice as many Combat
Manoeuvres.  And once the first 2 CA character falls to the ground the
advantage for the 3 CA becomes astronomical (a 2 CA person fighting two
lesser 3 CA people!).

I'm not looking for a completely balanced system but there ought not to be
something that unbalances combat to that extent - just means that it becomes
a must-have thing -  the system will work but every character will insist on
3 CA and always use Enhance spells - it reduces variety.  


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