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On 19/08/2011, at 12:06 PM, Pete Nash wrote:

> I’m a little worried about the combat system.  Am I right in thinking the having a good INT and DEX is vital because that way you get 3 combat actions whilst most people will have only two.   This means that normally you will attack twice and parry once whilst your opponent will attack once and parry once.  Therefore you will have a free (unopposed) attack EVERY round?
> Let me put is this way. Would you play a dedicated sorcerer with a INT of 12 or a priest with a POW of 12? Would you make a PC with a poor CON or tiny SIZ a frontline fighter? Unless you like a good RP challenge, most players wouldn't. Since Damage Bonus, Hit Points and Magic Points are all based on characteristics, then why shouldn't Combat Actions, otherwise there's a double standard being applied.

	The problem isn't about it being on stats like HP and MP, the problem is that the granularity is so different. PCs are divided into the group that aren't so good, or the group that is half again as good - there is no in between. 
	Huge important break points are a game design flaw. They don't work from either a gamist or simulalionist perspective - they aren't good for the gameplay, and they don't reflect reality particularly well, they are a game construct. 
> Also bear in mind that to get 3 CA you only need to be just a little above human average. It shouldn't be a hardship during character generation.

The flaw is that every character will want it. It is such a significant disadvantage not to have it. Even to non-combat characters, 

SPD in low level Hero system games is a similarly analogous issue. And similarly, everyone in that game built characters with high SPD whether or not it was part of their character conception - it was just too useful. When players get some control over their characteristics, I expect the great majority will try to get 3 CAs. 

It is worth noting that in RQ3, having a 3rd combat action was considered such an advantage that it was a 3 Point Divine Spell. 

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