[Runequest] MRQ II - Combat

Trevor Ellis trevor.ellis at pobox.com
Sat Aug 20 04:21:36 EST 2011

Just got my copy of Mongoose Runequest II (yes I'm a little behind the
times), but I'm trying to put together some house-rules and thought I'd take
a look [Note prices have been slashed on the web site].


I'm a little worried about the combat system.  Am I right in thinking the
having a good INT and DEX is vital because that way you get 3 combat actions
whilst most people will have only two.   This means that normally you will
attack twice and parry once whilst your opponent will attack once and parry
once.  Therefore you will have a free (unopposed) attack EVERY round?


Under these circumstances nothing else would matter much - the fast person
will win most fights (even with a 20% less skill) - the slower yet skilful
will die out - only fast people with little skill will survive and breed
etc.. :-)







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