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Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Sun Aug 14 01:42:27 EST 2011

Sounds familiar.

I recall with MRQ i was all keen to get involved, thought i had soe good
ideas and also have some experience in software stesting. But when it came
to the crunch time worked against me and i just could not produce or live
up to my lofty ambitions. Anyhow, best of luck to thos of yu who are able
to get stuck in and add value, looking forward to how the new rules look
and feel.

Lawrence Whitaker wrote:
> What I constantly find is that the eagerness to volunteer for playtesting
> often doesn't translate into action. Its a lot more work than people
> imagine, and some people think its simply a chance to either introduce
> their
> own house rules or use it as a platform to negatively criticise without
> doing any, um, actual play testing. Whilst, of course, hoping to get their
> name in the credits, bragging rights and a free book.
> What we're looking for are people with an active track record of taking
> the
> rules, being objective about them, stress-testing them, and providing
> constructive feedback. This means that the long list we have for RQ6 is
> going to be whittled down to a short list, and the short list will be
> given
> a very detailed brief on how we need things done.
> On 5 August 2011 09:00, <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:
>> > One might hope that means there's a market, or that RQ'ers are just
>> such
>> > starving, stingy bastards that they'll leap at the chance to do "work"
>> if
>> > it
>> > means getting free game stuff.
>> I sure don't remember getting any free game stuff from MRQ, despite a
>> small mountain of text and many sessions of playtesting...
>> ..
>> (Did like how most of my criticisms were fixed in MRQII however)
>> Now, Deluxe BRP OTOH...
>> Lev
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