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Hi guys,

Aw, thanks for the nice comments. The base system I'm using is RuneQuest III
(although I think I've tried to design a game that is basically emulating
RuneQuest II.) I'm glad you like them! And, yes, they do need some tweaking
and rewriting, and some of the trickier parts of the system are still being
tested. I've also noticed that some of the rules are in a real sketchy form
(and sometimes contradict themselves - like the Lore skill saying there's no
racial lores, and then listing some.) I'll try and hammer it out. Certainly,
feel free to upload away and mirroring it wherever you fancy.

An exploding d12 isn't quite the Hackmaster one, but along the same lines.
For an exploding die whenever you roll the maximum, just roll it again and
add it to the initial roll (so like the Hackmaster one, but without minusing
one off of it. Not that this matters. If you fancied doing that, that
wouldn't be a problem.) Unless it says otherwise, keep rerolling whenever
you roll the maximum.

Cheers for the comments on the Downtime rules! They've worked out reasonably
well. We are playing a smuggler's/ne'er do well campaign, where they are
skimping and saving and basically every Downtime had to really crunch the
numbers to make sure they had enough money to live off (including living on
the pavement from time to time) so they have worked rather well. That's also
why the section on illegal jobs is fairly big, as it was often those jobs
that they were doing. I'm thinking that in future campaigns I'll likely use
a variant on those rules. So for the Hsunchen campaign I plan on running
(they're going to play Moose people!) I'll need something fairly different,
as it's not as it beast people work as fishermen and traders. So there's a
lot of room for bespoke downtimes depending on your campaign.

Magic item limiting has worked out really well. I introduced it at first
because I was worried about the pyramid scheme of magic items. As you get
more magic items you have to fight other people who also need magic items to
defeat you. You defeat them, and take their kit, and now you have TWICE as
many magic items. So the next guys you meet need to be a little bit harder,
and you have YET MORE magic items. Etc. You can get around it in the
original system by making just about every magic item have user conditions,
or that kind of thing, but I think this works better - sure you get more
items, but you can only use the best ones. I originally made it a limit of
10 items of any type, but as soon as we playtested the game at rune lord
level (with a one off adventure) it became obvious to me that this would be
a problem as then, when designing rune lord-type enemies I'd have to make
tactical decisions about which 10 items to give them. I hate making too many
tactical decisions (in my old campaign I'd spend ages and ages making the
enemies, and trying to figure out what tactics to give them. Invariably, as
there were 6 players and one of me, I made the wrong decisions.) So it's a
lot easier to make enemies if you just haev to pick one item of each type
and be done with it.

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