[Runequest] The language of sorcery?

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Thu Aug 11 07:35:43 EST 2011

> What is the language of sorcery?  Or, am I wrong in assuming that
> sorcery is written and cast in a mode that we would call language? 

> (That'd be hard to explain.)

I'd say that it would be a special language depending on the setting.

> In a Fantasy Medieval Europe settings, what would be the historically
> logical linguistic choices for sorcery?  I had a few ideas, mentioned
> below, but I'd be more interested in your opinions -- especially where
> they disagree with my superficial notions.

I suppose it depends on the source of the Sorcery.

Latin is one possibility, being the language of the Church.
Greek is another, being the language of the Eastern Church and of the Byzantium Empire, heir to much esoteric knowledge.
Hebrew is another possibility, as the original language of the Bible, this is good for Demonology as Solomon was given charge of the Demons and his language was Hebrew.
Arabic is another possibility as the Muslims had a knowledge of the Black Arts from their own religion.

Another choice would be lost knowledge passed on down the generations, so this could be a lost language that only the practitioners of sorcery would know. 

Gypsies had their own magical knowledge and would have used Romany.

GMs and players should come up with good ideas of which language would suit their sorcery best.

See Ya

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