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Hi Nik,

I like the character generation rules.  I know you think they're fugly, but
I like them.

I very much like the magic-item limiting rules, forcing players to make
choices and not just become walking magic-item racks.
Note to self: NEVER, EVER, EVER again allow them to get a bag of holding.

Given the extreme value (to the DM) of family members in driving character
actions, I'd consider granting 1 re-roll for each living family member
presented in reasonable detail, up to perhaps a limit of 4?  "Infant
siblings" might only count as a maximum of 1, regardless of the number.
 Infant children count individually. (?)

I like the damage-to-already-disabled locations.

Re Death and Dying, I allow them to go unconscious at 0, and dead at -1/2
CON (round down).  If you're below 0, you will lose 1 general hp per round
until death, this can be avoided for a single round with a luck roll
(POWx1).  If you're right AT zero, you can reawaken with the luck roll.
 Fumble the luck roll in either case, and you lose another 1hp.

Only had time to read about 20 pages, but I like a lot of what you've got in

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 8:32 AM, Nikk Effingham <nikk.effingham at gmail.com>wrote:

> No. I've got the first edition of MRQ, which was... okay. By that time,
> though, the house rules rewrite was well under way, and so the idea of using
> the new system never really seemed a serious one. I never picked up MRQII
> (was it vastly different?) Obviously with a 6th edition coming out I might
> well pick it up, but as the historical tree of RQ is such that my house
> rules are a variant of RQIII trying to get back to RQII, I think I might
> find that a lot of the material in RQVI won't be plunderable : )
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