[Runequest] My new RuneQuest House Rules

Nikk Effingham nikk.effingham at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 20:37:55 EST 2011

As I was stranded in my flat watching looters pillaging the streets of
Birmingham below me (*lots* or riots vans! The Lunar Empire would *kill* for
some of those) I finished my RuneQuest house rules. We've been using them
for about two years now playing a campaign set around the Felster Lake.
Having learnt a lot from my Storms Over Ralios campaign, we settled on a
major overhaul of the system for the next campaign. And this is it! It's
pretty big, so you can only get to it via this link:


Thought some people might like to see it and/or comment on it (if you spot
something that you've written, by the way, and that I've accidentally nicked
without crediting you, do say - a large amount of the rules are just other
people's house rules worked into my own!)


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