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Peter Maranci pmaranci at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 12:42:47 EST 2011

With the 35th year of the original playtest sessions for RuneQuest coming
up, it seems appropriate to do something to mark that occasion.

With Sven Lugar's kind permission I have scanned his copy of the original
RuneQuest playtest materials from 1977-78. Dan Zappone did a beautiful job
cleaning them up, putting them into PDF format, and placing internal
bookmarks. As a last step, we'd like to annotate the PDF with comments from
as many of the original RuneQuest authors, contributors, and playtesters as
possible before posting it.

If you're one of the original RuneQuest crew - one of the people who worked
on the original system or playtested it in '77 or '78 - please respond to my
email address below! And if you're not, please feel free to pass this
announcement along to anywhere or anyone where you feel it might do some
good. I'd also love to get feedback from anyone who wrote RuneQuest I or II
material for Chaosium.

The PDF is just over 11MB. For now it will only be available to commenters,
but we hope to have the file freely available to all by the beginning of
next year - the 35th anniversary of RQ. It's a fascinating piece of work,
and gives some really interesting insights into the genesis of RuneQuest!


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