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What I constantly find is that the eagerness to volunteer for playtesting
often doesn't translate into action. Its a lot more work than people
imagine, and some people think its simply a chance to either introduce their
own house rules or use it as a platform to negatively criticise without
doing any, um, actual play testing. Whilst, of course, hoping to get their
name in the credits, bragging rights and a free book.

What we're looking for are people with an active track record of taking the
rules, being objective about them, stress-testing them, and providing
constructive feedback. This means that the long list we have for RQ6 is
going to be whittled down to a short list, and the short list will be given
a very detailed brief on how we need things done.

On 5 August 2011 09:00, <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:

> > One might hope that means there's a market, or that RQ'ers are just such
> > starving, stingy bastards that they'll leap at the chance to do "work" if
> > it
> > means getting free game stuff.
> I sure don't remember getting any free game stuff from MRQ, despite a
> small mountain of text and many sessions of playtesting...
> ..
> (Did like how most of my criticisms were fixed in MRQII however)
> Now, Deluxe BRP OTOH...
> Lev
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