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well its over the PC,s got to the top well half way when they were going along the 3ft tracl i tried out the rolling bolder rulesi used the art dice from gameworkshop,they only struck somebody on a hit out of all the pcs the only one to be hit was a pcs dog damage was 2d6 for the hight it came from,it nocked the dog6ft over the clift edge,but i thought i could have some fun ,the pcs add sent three  towns ladds back with the horses from the bottem of the mountain so i said its possible if the dog as forlan 1,000 ft from the cliff and the road runs along the base there a chance it could it one of the villigers so i sead role 2xart dice if hit comes on both the it as hit one on the head,guesse what,yesssss a double and in this game you doe get a pressant,well if you ad all the 6s up for a 1,000 ft the one who it hit buried him self,i think that was one off the best parts off this 2yr game,ill let you know what happend  when they met with the realy large
                                               harry a funny D.M
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